10997504_10205203347057735_456468586425103856_nWelcome to TAoPaN. This site is owned and operated by Celebrity Photographer Ana Brandt.

TAoPaN Stands for The Art of Pregnancy and Newborn. This is the business-to-business division of Anamaria Brandt Photography, Inc. TAoPaN, LLC was formed after Ana self- published an 80 page book entitled, “The Art of Pregnancy and Newborn in 2007.” This was followed up by several requests for in-studio and online workshops. Now in her eighth season of workshops, both virtual and real world, Ana continues to bring together photographers from all over the world to share and exchange information about this precious time in their clients’ lives. Ana’s clothing line for maternity and newborn knit, has sold in over 50 countries. She has a YOUTUBE channel where she continues to provide free education for those around the world, as well as an online forum that provides workshops and mentoring.

Our goal is to support you, the professional and aspiring professional, and educate you in the art of photographing pregnant woman and their newborns. We offer support and inspiration as you hopefully create your best work during these very important stages of a family’s growth. We want to help you to connect with your clients, along with their new arrivals, and learn how to use your creative spirit to capture the moments they’ve waited all their lives for.

Ana designed a line of maternity gowns almost ten  years ago that are now sold all over the world. Ana pioneered the Maternity gown movement by being the first photographer to create a Maternity Dress line specifically for photographers. Her photographers store is at http://www.shoptaopan.com

Ana teaches around the world. To learn about her speaking schedule and workshop schedule click here.

In the past two years, Ana Brandt has been named:

-One of the top 19 Photographers in Santa Ana – Fall 2016
– One of the top 5 Photographers in Orange County Fall 2016
– Readers Choice for Parenting Magazine in Orange County Fall 2016
– One of the 50 best photographers of family in the United States.
– One of the 10 best Maternity photographers in the world.
– One of the 10 best photographers in California.
– One of the 50 most inspiring photographers.
-Voted one of California’s Top Newborn Photographers of 2016 by Photography Magazine.

You can learn more about Ana Brandt by visiting her at any of the following places:





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