Blowin in the Wind…Favorite Fans for Materni...

Blowin in the Wind…Favorite Fans for Maternity Sessions

Let’s face it….every women looks good with a fan! Fans are in commercials, movies and any good boudoir shoot! They are amazing in pregnancy sessions, and if you don’t have a fan – stop what you are doing and buy one now! And no, not a teeny one that has to stand on a ladder with 3 extension cords! After years and years of trying to find just the right fan, I have it and let me tell you my Mamas love it!

This is my monster fan. It is awesome for hair, dresses and fabric.

Fan on Amazon.

I also have another fan that is on a stand from I actually found it useful recently when I needed to just blow Mamas hair and not Dads, as it’s small enough to just work on one person. Its a little shaky on the stand – I never found I could tighten it just right, but it is very handy – and I love the height.

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