{DIY} Hand Dying Flokati Rugs with Ana Brandt

{DIY} Hand Dying Flokati Rugs with Ana Brandt

I love to hand dye anything and Flokati furs are no exception. I have personally dyed over a dozen furs to use during newborn sessions. It takes very little time, and if it’s a warm day they can dry pretty quickly. We created a video to show how I dyed two furs and listed some tips and sources.


Video directed and edited by Olivia Brandt (12)

  • Use rubber gloves
  • Wear old clothes as dye stains
  • Dye outside or in an area that might get messy and wet
  • Have a hose or running water handy
  • Agitation is key – make sure to agitate for about 5 minutes or more to make sure material is evenly covered
  • Vinegar is optional – not required
  • Air dry – hang outside in an area where dye drips won’t stain or run the area
  • On first wash – either hand wash or gentle cycle in washing machine with nothing else
  • Have a big bin that has enough room for material to move around
  • I dumped the water down the drain in our back area – be careful where you dump the water so it doesn’t stain your area. Check to make sure before dumping!
  • It is best to wash one more time and air dry before using.
  • Wash in the most gentle cycle with no agitation and in cold water.
  • Fluff flokati while its air drying.


  • Rugs USA – the ones I used were Standard Shag Greek Flokati Rug in cream.  I buy quite a few at a time during sale times. I bought 3×5 and cut in half. You can dye any size – I just didn’t need a large one.
  • – search flokati
  • – I love to dye the Mongolian furs
  • Dye – any material dye works. I used RIT Dye and Tulip Liquid Dye  . I like to use liquid because the powder is too messy.
  • Big bucket – Home Depot
  • Rubber Gloves – any craft store


{many asked if I were dying the starfish seen in the video – I do not dye those, I hand paint them with acrylic paint}


That’s it! Enjoy and share your dyed furs on Instagram and tag us #taopan


  1. When you cut them in half is that just to use it as a basket stuffer or for pictures where baby is posed on the flokati wrapped, etc?

    • Ana Brandt

      29 June

      I lay the half size over my current pottery barn bag and to use in baskets – I have a ton of large ones

  2. Betsy hynes

    29 June

    Thank you for being so generous with all the videos and tips you have posted, I’ve learned so much from watching you! Can’t wait to try this! 🙂

    • Ana Brandt

      29 June

      Thank you for watching!

  3. Thank you for the video! I have ordered a 2’6″x8 rug that is due for delivery today just for this.So your video came just in time! I have 4 larger ones, a pink, aqua, dk blue and cream. Im very excited and will let you know how it goes!
    Thank you again Ana!


    • Ana Brandt

      29 June

      Awesome can’t wait to see!

  4. Lucia

    29 June

    Thank you for the video Ana! Thank you for being so generous!!

  5. Siw

    29 June

    Dear Ana. Is this real fur? Is it possible to dye fake fur (which is cheaper)? If it is possible to use fake fur, do you have any brand to recommend?

    Thank you,
    Siw 🙂

  6. shelly

    29 June

    I searched on RugsUSA because they are having a sale, and I am not seeing the Cream color, only the natural. Will the natural work as well?


    • Ana Brandt

      30 June

      OOps yes its natural – just looks cream

  7. Ali

    29 June

    Do you do anything to your flokatis when you first get them? Like brush them out or anything?

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